Welcome to Flowering Fields Nursery.

  • We grow the best varieties of own root, repeat blooming, non patented  rose bushes available in the industry.
  •  All our rose plants have been tested in our trial gardens, first hand in the hot humid climate of North Central Florida without spraying and without protection from natures harshest tests.
  • We  have been in the landscape business for twenty years so we select  rose varieties for their form, fragrance and function. By function we mean roses that can be a hedgerow, a striking specimen or can be tucked in for that accent where you need a splash of color. There are very few flowers that can compete with roses as a bouquet or cut flower inside the home. Let us help you turn your yard into an asset that adds value and produces the enjoyment you deserve every day of your life. Enjoy the beauty of sharing one of nature’s greatest gifts and experience our passion for the rose.
  • We sell rose plants in 1 gallon and 4″ containers.  All bushes are mature and well established. All are of flowering age.


Rose Prices

We want to keep things simple.  6″ roses cost $13.00 and 1 gallon roses cost $18.00  SHIPPING AND HANDLING IS INCLUDED